Tech Lead

Sat, Mar 6, 2021 2-minute read

“Tech Lead” is a leader of engineers in a team. If there is no team, there is no Tech-Lead.

What is a team?

  • Team is a fundamental unit working together towards a defined problem statement.

Who all are part of the team?

  • It is a composition of various individuals with skill set needed for the problem, thus making the unit as a whole armed with various powers.
  • Different problem statements will require different mix of skill set, typically each skill set being “lead” by a person.

Who are the team leads? Lead dynamics?

  • For a team to solve for its objectives, it is critical that all the “leads” for their respective skill sets work together as peers to each other
  • Any imbalance or hierarchy in their relative standing in team can lead to skewed result which may hurt the long term survival of the team.
  • For instance, too much focus on myopic product decisions can hurt long term engineering output, over optimisation of engineering can lead to minuscule output for end users.
  • Team “leads” need to be empathetic and understanding towards other leads, thus collectively making prioritisation decisions.

Signs of a performing team ?

  • Proven progress on problem statement
  • Steady iteration in direction of problem statement
  • Longevity of solutions
  • Evolution of problem statement thus allow team evolving into several other problem focused teams.

Signs of under-performing team ?

  • Lack of proven output for the problem statement
  • Unable to explain how activities are in direction of problem statement
  • Class system between leads
  • Inability of various skill functions to work with each other
  • Inability to grow new team “leads”
  • Zero sum behaviour towards other teams

Who is “tech lead” ?

  • Tech lead is the leader of the engineering function of a team.
  • (S)he is typically reporting manager of the engineers in team.

What all roles a Tech Lead play ?

  • Team lead
  • Evolutionary Architect
  • Engineer