My User Manual

Gojek has a culture of writing user manuals, after couple of years of procastination finally writing one.

Art of Writing Rcas

Recently I have been reviewing RCAs filled by Engineers all over the company, to understand what are the common patterns that we need to improve on.

How Kafka Solved a Culture Problem at GOJEK

Software stopped us from scaling, software set us free. Software can solve cultural problems.

What does’t work initially only makes you stronger — Team Lambda

This is Part 2 of a feature story on Team Lambda and what it aims to do.

Team Focused on Eventually Automating Everything

Lessons in untying dependencies and letting machines do the work

From subjective interviews to binary hires - a story

Hiring is not easy, and sometimes we fail to do it right.

the vicious circle

Let me tell you a story about a boy named Johnny.

Digital Ocean secretly wants you to switch to larger droplets ?

Digital ocean is a hugely popular cloud services provider. Recently crossing 1 million launched VMs.

Hello World !