Implementing SL{A, I, O}s

This document was written by me, deba and prashant wrote this document for observability whitepaper written by CNCF’s sig-observability group.

Tech Lead

“Tech Lead” is a leader of engineers in a team. If there is no team, there is no Tech-Lead.

Startup Maturity Model

Startups are a dynamic world, if not looked carefully they can appear chaotic.

Going Faster

Speed is necessary in technology businesses. Challenges faced by these companies change all the time.

CTO Maturity Model

Bangalore and the rest of the South-east asian ecosystems have exploded with start-ups over the last couple of decades.

Gojek: Signing Out

A big thank you! Before joining Gojek, We were running a small startup called CodeIgnition.

Building Economy of Scalable Engineering

Last 5 years, I have been busy building Gojek, seeing this rocket ship grow from 10 million to 10 billion.

My User Manual

Gojek has a culture of writing user manuals, after couple of years of procastination finally writing one.

Art of Writing Rcas

Recently I have been reviewing RCAs filled by Engineers all over the company, to understand what are the common patterns that we need to improve on.

How Kafka Solved a Culture Problem at GOJEK

Software stopped us from scaling, software set us free. Software can solve cultural problems.