Shobhit Srivastava

Hello Folks,

I’m Shobhit, known as @Sinister_Light on Twitter. I write about software, management and life. Love to hear from you at me[at]

Currently, I am co-founder and CEO for

Previously worked at hoppr. Started and sold CodeIgnition with Ajey, Mehak, Sumit & Shraddha to Gojek. In my last role, I was SVP Product Engineering - Transport at Gojek, also manage Engineering platform.

Small video about me made at Gojek.

Apart from building businesses I am deeply passionate about future and technology. Thus spent extensive amount of time working pushing technological progress by sharing knowledge. Be it through working as a programmer, where I worked with top foundation in world (Observability white-paper for CNCF) and organising India’s top conferences in tech. Or helping Delhi government design curriculums for future schools.